Saturday, November 27, 2010

34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks...hopefully only 6 to go!
Weight gain/loss: 148 lbs. Yep, that means I'm up 30. I haven't really gotten big anywhere other than my's amazing to think I have 30 additional lbs. there!
Maternity clothes? Oh yes
Stretch marks? None yet
Sleep? Is getting a bit more uncomfortable.
Best moment this week? M's brother came to visit for Thanksgiving, we had so much fun!
Food cravings: Pizza
Gender: Girl
Belly button in or out? The edges are sticking out, but the button part is still in...weird!
Movement? Rolls and somersaults are becoming a bit less frequent. I hope everything is okay in there.
What I miss? Alcohol. M and his brother had quite a bit last night and had a great time. I confess that I wish I could have joined them in imbibing.
What I'm looking forward to: 34 week OB appointment is on Tuesday. My OB is going to try to determine if baby is still breech. Please cross your fingers that she is head down!
Milestones: I started feeling hiccups!

Here's what baby looks like this week:

5 words of geekdom:

Rebekah Lynn said...

Less rolls and somersaults means baby is getting big. ;) I liked feeling the hiccups. Good luck with your last 6 weeks!

Katy said...

You are all belly and adorable!!!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you only have 6 weeks to go! You've "done" pregnancy beautifully, Missie. I will keep everything crossed that Carina is in proper position.

Mrs.W said...

ahhhhh life's a breech ;) In all seriousness though I hope she is in her proper position by your next appointment ::fingers crossed:: You look amazing as always! Oh and for me I stopped getting a lot of rolls and somersaults and now get a lot of strethcing/'mom I'm running out of room' movements!

mari2003/ TwinskMama said...

Wow You are almost done lady!! I am so excited!!!

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