Thursday, December 9, 2010

Head down, baby!

We had a positioning ultrasound early this morning and I am so happy to report that Carina is now head down!  Her head is about as far down as you can get; the tech said she couldn't even see my cervix because her head is in the way.  Everything else is looking great.

Of course, being as emotional as I am, I started tearing up as soon as we saw her.  She is certainly running out of room in there!  The tech showed us her face, her toes (amazing!) and checked to make sure she is still a girl.  The tech blurted out, "yep, there's her hamburger!"  LOL.  We are just so happy she is doing great and is right where she should be!

Here is her adorable.  I can't believe we'll be meeting her in just a handful of weeks!

4 words of geekdom:

Mrs.W said...

awwww-she's beautiful! I can't wait to see some pictures of her on the outside world ;) Just a mere matter of weeks now girl! YAY for her being head down too! What a relief for you! =)

Mrs. B said...

She's beautiful! I can't wait for her to be here either. I'm sure you're so anxious!

Catherine said...

Love! So glad Carina is just where she should be. Can't believe she's almost here!

Katie said...

Yay! I'm so glad she's head down. :) What a sweet profile.. it looks like she's puckering up to give you a kiss! I can't wait to see her "outside" pictures!

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