Saturday, January 1, 2011

(What would have been) 39 weeks

Since baby has arrived, I will never reach 39 weeks. So here is a post-partum update!

How far along? 4 days after baby's birth
Weight gain/loss: 142 lbs, loss of 10 lbs. already!
Maternity clothes? I think I will be wearing maternity colthes for the next couple weeks just because they are so comfy
Stretch marks? No, I can't believe it! My belly is looking pretty crazy, though. It feels like a bag of saggy Jello and the linea nigra is super dark.
Sleep? As often as peanut will let us.
Best moment this week? Having our daughter, of course!
Food cravings: I had Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza last night :)
Gender: Girl
Belly button in or out? It never stuck out. It does, however, look all weird and stretched out now
Movement? Well, she is moving on the outside now
What I miss? I don't think I miss anything about pregnancy, honestly
What I'm looking forward to: Every day with baby!
Milestones: I think her birth at 38w3d counts as a milestone, what do you think?

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MV said...

You look great - congrats mama!

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