Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sanity savers

I haven't been able to get on the computer much lately, because our perfect baby "woke up" at about 3 1/2 weeks. She has been fussy ever since. She stopped napping well and when she finally does fall asleep, she starts screaming as soon as we put her in the crib or pack 'n play.  After struggling with this for a couple days we tried a couple things to try to keep us sane her happy:

1. Ergo Baby Carrier with the Heart2Heart Infant Insert

As soon as I put Carina in the Ergo, she quiets down, and about 75% off the time she falls asleep. ::cue heavenly music::  This lets me actually get some stuff done around the house.  The other day I did a few loads of laundry.  Another day I did our taxes!  Baby goes in the insert, then the insert goes in the carrier.  It's a lot easier than it looks.

The Ergo was expensive (retails for $105), but I got it at Babies R Us with a 20% off coupon and I had a few gift cards from my baby shower so it wasn't bad at all.  I have to say that it has been worth every penny I spent so far.  I got the Infant Insert free from with my Swagbucks gift cards!

2. Fisher Price Precious Planet Swing

About a week and a half ago Carina stopped sleeping well in her crib.  Almost every time we put her down in it she would scream bloody murder.  The times she did tolerate it, she woke up crying an hour later.  This did not make for a happy Mom and Dad. 

So we brought her swing upstairs and gave it a try.  The first night she slept for 5.5 hours straight.  She regularly sleeps in it for 4 hour stretches, and we've also had a stretch of 6.5 hours, and one of 7 hours!  We really like the Precious Planet swing because you can use it with either batteries or the plug-in adapter.  A sanity saver!  Seriously, I would make love to this swing if I could.

Did anyone else's baby go though a fussy period around this time?  What helped?

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mrs.monica @ RTP_inHeels said...

definite fussy period...we resorted to jogging around our house bouncing him...or our vibrating chair helped a lot (very cheap fp ocean wonders vibrating chair!

Sweet Jo said...

I have to ask about the carrier because I know you got the Moby at your shower...did you try it and not like it? Or did it just not work for Carina?

Amanda Westerlund said...

I second the vibrating chair. And I also swear by swaddling. It made all the difference for both of ours at night. and a binki. :)

Unknown said...

I laughed my butt of at your "I would make love to this swing" comment. You crack me up.

I'm also interested to hear what you have to say about the Moby.

Mrs.W said...

We just got the Ergo carrier with the infant insert 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it. Forrest has some fussy days where he just will not nap and as soon as I put him in it and walk around for a little bit he is sound asleep! Like you said, a fantastic way to get house stuff done! Other things that have saved us would be his fisher price newborn to toddler rocker...he loves the vibrations and falls asleep often in his chair or at the very least is pretty content in it! Forrest is not a big fan of his swing yet. He will go in it for a little bit but within 10 minutes he's screaming! During the nights if he gets fussy or refuses to sleep we bring him into bed with us and he calms down and falls asleep!I also agree with Amanda on the swaddling! We stopped swaddling not long after we got home from the hospital and then tried it again this past week and now he sleeps MUCH better!

Samantha said...

I am so jealous of your 4 hour stretch let alone the longer ones! Truitt is still only going 2 hours maybe 2.5-3 once a night. My doctor says it's perfect normal for a breastfed baby but geez!

Anyway, he's been fussy since day one and cries pretty much anytime he's awake from 6pm-6am. We do the 5 S's, bounce him up and down, and pray for sleep. He hates his swing!

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

@ mrs.monica & Amanda - how could I forget the bouncer! She does enjoy it.

@ Jolene & Sarah - we tried the Moby once and Carina absolutely hated, screaming worse than I had ever heard before when I tried to put her in it. I need to try it again now that she's a few weeks older.

Josefine said...

So excited to have a hand-me down Ergo with the infant insert! I hope we get a lot of use out of it as well.

heather said...

the swing was our savior too! she still LOVES it at 8 months old!

The Life We Love said...

New reader here. Your daughter is adorable! I love reading all the newness of a new baby! Can't wait to keep reading:)

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