Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my amazing family. They have been so generous and helpful since Carina was born. My Mom, Dad, sister, Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law, and Sister-in-Law have all come to visit, meet the baby, and help us.

My Mom came to visit when Carina was just a week and a half old. She stayed for a week and helped us with the night shifts; taking Carina and rocking her to sleep after I fed her. This allowed us to actually get some sleep! She also cooked, cleaned our entire apartment, and helped keep me from going insane while M was at work. Mom (since I know you read this), thank you so so much.

Carina with my Mom

After my Mom left, M's Dad, Mom, and sister came to visit. M's Mom is one of the best cooks I have ever met and cooked for us all weekend. She even filled our freezer with fantastic Italian food.

Carina with my Father-in-Law

Carina with Auntie Ellen

Then my Dad came to visit for almost a week, allowing me to run some errands and do some important things around the house. He also cooked amazing dinners (fish is his specialty) and basically waited on me hand and foot.

My sister Amanda just left after being here for a few days. Amanda has two little ones - Riley is almost 1 and Conor is about 2 1/2. Not only did Amanda cook for us, she cleaned, did laundry, helped me get out of the house every day, and helped us establish Carina's bedtime routine. She also convinced me to get Carina on reflux medication, which we probably should have done a week or so ago. Since she has gone through baby raising so recently, her advice and help was priceless. Amanda (since I know you read this, too), I can't thank you enough!

Carina with Auntie Amanda

We feel so blessed to have such a supportive and helpful family.

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you how strong your family support system is! You are very lucky to have such great family! Glad we could be there for you, Mike and Carina!

Mrs.W said...

Family is awesome!!! We too were so grateful for the help and support we got when Forrest was born!!! You have a lovely family from the sounds of it =)

heather said...

That is so great that you have had so much family help!! my mom was with us for the summer so i know how much it really helps and it lets you keep your sanity!! yay!!

Amanda Westerlund said...

So glad I was helpful, I miss you and the little peanut!! Can't wait to see you again in April!

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