Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Months

Time is flying, love.  You are 5 months old today and I can't believe it. 

Weight & height: About 16 lbs. and 25 in.  Still in size 3 diapers, although we are having a ton of poopsplosions.  Maybe it's time for size 4, my little hammy ham ham?  Some of your 3-6 month clothes are too small now.  You mostly live in your 6 month outfits.

Eyes & hair: Your eyes are looking brown, just like Daddy's!  Your hair is still thinning and you have some bald spots, just like Daddy ;)  It looks like it is finally starting to grow in almost everywhere.

Milestones: You can sit unassisted for very short periods of time, and you love it!  You don't really like to stay lying down much these days.  You are still *almost* rolling.  You get so close and then get frustrated when your arm or leg gets in the way.  I know you will get it one of these days.

Loves: Chilling in the Ergo, lying down outside and watching the leaves on the trees, Sophie, the Jumperoo, shoving your fingers in your mouth, reading stories on Mommy's lap, practicing walking on Daddy, and your Sassy rattle.

Hates: When we put things over your 94th percentile clunker of a head, when Mommy leaves, poopy diapers, taking naps, and when Daddy blows his nose.

Yay for 5 months!

Fingers are nommy


Stop taking so many pictures, Mommy!

Deep in thought, are we?

Pfffft to you, too :)

Please stop growing so fast, peanut.  Mommy can't keep up.


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The Gerhardts said...

She is sooo Cute!

Laura Everyday Edits said...

New follower from sunday stalking!
Your blog title is awesome! Would love a follow back!

hopefully this comment shows up blogger has not been working for comments lately

anonomity said...

I can't believe she is 5 months already! She just keeps getting cuter. :-) said...

Shes beautiful! My baby is about to be 9 months and I don't know where the time goes!

I'm a new follower from the Super Sunday Stalker Blog Hop! Following you on GFC and Twitter. Please stop on by and follow me at and say hello :)

Unknown said...

She is too cute!!

Love the pictures!

New follower-kport207 from the super stalker sunday blog hop

would love a follow back

Mariah @ said...

Awww, at least she let you set the sign next to her! A few weeks ago when I did our 5 months, my little guy was all about trying to eat the sign!

I'm stopping by from this week's Super Stalker Sunday hop! Thanks for participating! I hope you'll join us again next week and I hope you'll stop by and visit me if you haven't already!
Mariah, Formula Mom

Jamie said...

Great post! She is so cute!! I love the idea of writing her likes / dislikes / hair eyes / milestones etc. :o)

Baby shower favors said...

Cool post! she is adorable and happy five months:)

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