Monday, May 23, 2011

Must have Monday - Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags

Anyone who breastfeeds and pumps breastmilk will need a means in which to store said milk.  My sister let me use all of the breastfeeding supplies left over after my niece (thanks, Manda!)  This large stash of stuff included a box of Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags. 

When I started pumping when Carina was 3 weeks old, I poured the milk in the bags when I was done, and then lay them flat in the freezer.  Once frozen, I put the bags upright in The First Years Milk Storage Organizer that I have, but you could use this nifty gift bag trick someone told me about, too.

I think I need to get another one (or three) of the organizers.  This
isn't even all of my milk.  One of the shelves on the door is full.
The bag of peas are holding in all of the milk on that bottom
shelf behind it, too. Uggh.  Freezer storage fail.
We defrosted the first bag of milk when I returned to work part time at the end of March.  We have not had a single leak yet!  These bags hold up great in the freezer and are super easy to use in general.

The storage bags are a bit expensive because they are pre-sterilized,  BPA-free, and have a color change locking mechanism which ensures that the bags are sealed.  I don't mind paying a little extra for these features.  I just discovered that they are part of Amazon's Subscribe & Save program so you can get a 75 pack of the bags for just over $10!

What do you use to store your milk?  How do you store it?


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Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Those were my favorite for storing bm as well!! I'm already purchasing them preparing for the baby in October. I'm really hoping this one will take a bottle of breast milk. :)

Anonymous said...

I use those as well! I invested in a deep freezer and once my milk storage organizer (I have same one) fills up, I unload the frozen bags into the deep freeze and start fresh with the now empty organizer!

...heather... said...

I use Lansinoh bags, too! And like them for all of the same reasons. I portion out 4 oz., freeze them flat, then stick them in the gift bag dispenser (we have two of those that we rotate). I have a few 1 oz bags in a food storage container, just in case LO needs a little extra.

Kristin said...

What a pretty stash! I actually don't have a single frozen ounce of breastmilk. James will not take a bottle and I don't let down for my pump anymore (getting a good one next time) so he drinks straight from the tap all the time!

MV said...

I use the lansinoh bags too - way cheaper on Amazon! I work full time so I make DD two bottles with frozen milk and two bottles with milk from the previous day. I have a good supply and always have more than she needs so that's why I'm using the frozen stuff, plus I don't want it to go to waste.

I freeze them flat like you do, but then I put them all into a gallon freezer bag and then another gallon freezer bag and it goes in the deep freezer.

I have a small plastic container in the freezer that is part of the fridge where I keep the oldest milk that I use throughout the week. It works for me, but I have to admit the deep freezer is running out of room (it's not a full size one).

Jamie said...

Hi I use lansinoh bags too! I like them because they say "My Mommy's Milk" in cute font. (Priorities) My freezer looks similar to yours.

I was wondering if you would put my button on your blog. I grabbed yours (assumed it was ok because you said "grab my button" with a code (o: ). I'm a fellow Dec 2010 Mom on TB :wink wink:

No pressure though; I'm not trying to pester you!!

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

@Jamie - I love that they have "My Mommy's Milk" on them, too! I think it is super cute :)

Caroline said...

I use these bags too! They are the best. I will confess to having had two leaks, but I've been freezing and thawing at least 2 bags a day for over 4 months now.

I portion out 4oz per bag and freeze flat in gladware containers. Each container holds about 9 4oz bags. I have about 320oz in the freezer at the moment, which I rotate in and out, so my oldest milk is maybe a month or so old.

My best defrosting tip is to take them out of the freezer at night and put them in a gladware container in the fridge. The next morning, they are nearly thawed (some lukewarm water finishes the thawing nicely) and if any leakage did occur, you still have the milk in the gladware.

A said...

Hands down the best bags out there!

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