Monday, June 20, 2011

Must have Monday - iPlay Sun Hat

I got quite a few questions about the adorable iPlay Sun Hat Carina was wearing in last week's Wordless Wednesday pool photos.  I bought this hat on Amazon for less than $11 and we absolutely love it.  It comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. 

I might look sad, but I actually love my hat :)

We got the newborn size for Carina, and there is still room to grow in it (P.S. Carina's head is in the 94th percentile).  I would recommend buying smaller than you think you need, as they seem to run a bit big.

iPlay Brim Hat White-NewbornIn addition to being super cute, it's adjustable, ties underneath the chin, and has a really wide brim to ensure that baby's face does not get sunburned.  Oh how could I forget it is water resistant and has a UPF rating of 50+.  We hope to spend many a day at the pool this summer with the help of this hat.

What sun safety items are you using for your little one?  Hats, rash guards, sunscreen, etc.?


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Heather said...

someone gave us a hand me down of this type of hat - its a little big for lennox still, but we still use it - it really is a great hat! i love the big brim and the tie under the chin (velcro/snaps, she just undoes!). carina looks super cute in hers! ps. lennox had the same bathing suit last summer :-p

B.J. said...

Cute! I will have to look into that! My youngest loves hats so I shouldn't have a problem with her keeping it on. :) My girls are freckled and fair-skinned so we use a lot of sunscreen. We actually have 3 bottles sitting on the counter right now at our disposal. :)

Amy said...

Cute hat! The one I bought for the pool is too big! It fits Olivia perfectly, so you can imagine how HUGE it is on Alex.

Jill @ Momma Totally in Love said...

I have this hat but my daughter pulls it right off!! Ugg I have to settle with tons of sun screen!

thewildunknown said...

That hat is too cute!

We have a flap happy lobster hat for the boy, but he always ends up yanking it off, so we just use the canopy that came with his floaty to keep the sun off his head. I really wish he'd wear that hat. It's way too adorable to just get thrown in the water.

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