Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog roll and features and comments, oh my!

My Mom arrived in town last night (yay!)  We might have had a little bit too much wine and stayed up too late.  Being the amazing person that she is, she played with Carina this morning and let me sleep in until 9 AM.  Thanks, Mom!

So after getting lots of sleep, I am feeling great and I want to share a few cool things with you!  Because I can't function without bulleted lists, here you go:

  • I created a blog roll page!  I felt like my sidebars were getting a bit too cluttered and making my posts a little hard to read.  So I moved the links to the blogs I love to read over to the new blog roll page.  I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do :)

  • Remember back in May when you so kindly voted for me in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Baby Journals contest?  Well, the list has finally been published!  If you'd like you can check out my mini-interview at Circle of Moms. I am #4, thanks to your votes!

  • I installed a new comment platform called Intense Debate with Comment Luv.  It's awesome because 1. I (and you) can reply directly to other people's comments!  No more "@commenter - blah blah blah".  I think this will be conducive to conversation.  And 2. when you enter your website/blog link, it will automatically pull in a link to your most recent post.  It remembers, you, too, so you won't have to log in every time you want to comment.  Please please please let me know if you encounter any technical difficulties with this new platform.  Also, feel free to tell me whether or not you like it.

Have a fantastic weekend!  Oh, and I'll love you as much as I love the mint chocolate chip ice cream I'm about to go eat if you try out the new comments :)

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