Monday, August 8, 2011

Must Have Monday - containing the baby toy explosion!

3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin, Brown OwlI don't know about you, but our baby toys are slowly starting to fill every inch of our living room. I think they may be whispering about a take over shortly. We needed a way to contain the mess, but didn't want to shell out a couple hundred dollars for a fancy toy box. Then I stumbled upon the 3 Sprouts Organic Canvas Storage Bin.  It is 17" tall and 17" in diameter - read: big enough for LOTS of toys!

They have a number of different animals including an owl (right), raccoon, hippo, monkey, zebra, elephant, and fox.  We have the fox one (below), and it actually matches Carina's Carter's Tree Tops nursery decor.  There are canvas handles on the sides which make it easy to pick up and move across the room.  Because it is canvas, it collapses quite nicely when not in use.

My Mom - who is here visiting this weekend, is obsessed with this storage bin and will be buying one for both her house, and her cottage on Cape Cod.  She insisted that it be today's Must Have Monday :)

Super cute fox!
What (if anything) do you use for toy storage?

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