Friday, August 12, 2011

Geeky Find Friday - Baby can spit up on subtraction!

Math Test Baby Burp Cloth by laundrymonster on Etsy

When I was in Elementary School I was always that kid who finished their math "Mad Minute" way before a minute was up.  I rushed through it with 2 goals:

1. To be the first person done
2. To get all of the answers correct

I usually accomplished both.  Yes...I have always been this geeky.

Here's the description:
A very cute blackboard print with math equations is zig zag stitched to a hand dyed school bus yellow burp cloth. Great for math geeks, and the color couldn't be brighter.

I love that some of the print looks like little flashcards.  If you think baby will love Math, this is perfect!  If you think that he/she would rather eat brussel sprouts covered in cod liver oil, than do long division, then this might also be perfect...that is, for letting baby spit up on. 

Are there any Math lovers out there?  Did anyone do the "Mad Minute" when they were younger?  Bonus points if you rushed through it, too...

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