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gunapod wearable blanket - Review & Giveaway! CLOSED

Wisconsin winters are a force to be reckoned with.  Last winter, I was always so worried that Carina would get cold in the middle of the night, and that if I had to take her out of her swaddle or sleep sack to change her diaper, she would most certainly freeze her tiny little bum off.  I recently received an ingenious product that I think will assuage a lot of these fears during the almost-as-bad New England winters we are going to experience this year.  It's called the gunapod, by gunamuna

The gunapod, in all its comfy cozy glory
Made of super soft fabric, the gunapod is as ingenious as it is comfortable.  The zippers and snaps are positioned such that you can change a diaper without taking it off, let baby's feet be free, or even put it on without waking a sleeping baby!  Leave it to a group of Moms to come up with a more practical and comfortable take on the traditional sleep sack...

Gunamuna's Story: “We are 3 moms with 5 children among us. We tried other sleeping sacks and were frustrated. We need simple + easy. So we created gunapod to make our lives easier and our babies more comfortable. gunapod is made with the yummiest, coziest blanket fabric to keep your baby warm + comfortable with zippers galore. And gunapod offers a roomier fit — the ultimate true wearable blanket — for a happy baby. Turns out, all moms need simple + easy. So we’re sharing gunapod with you”.
Happy in the gunpod
The gunapod comes in three sizes: 3-9 Months, 9-18 Months, and 18-24 Months.  Carina is pictured here in the 9-18 Month size.  She loves how much space she has to kick her feet!  She has never liked how her legs get constrained by other sleep sacks; you should see how much she struggles to try push them out sometimes.  The gunapod gives her lots of room to flail her legs about as she pleases.
I'm free!

Carina loves to grab her toes, too, so we have found that unzipping the bottom keeps her very happy.  Having a bottom zipper is also especially handy if you need to change a diaper in the middle of the night.  No need to take the gunapod off...just unzip, change poopy dipe, zip back up!

I am in love with the incredibly soft polyester fabric, and I'm not the only one!  Carina was so content in the gunapod, I think we're going to have to let her lounge around in it.  She really seemed to enjoy running her fingers along it and grasping it in her hand.  We may or may not have had to keep her from gnawing on it, too ;)

I think that my favorite feature of the gunapod is the shoulder snaps.  When I get Carina out of her crib every morning, she is usually quite fussy and gets flustered when I take her arms out of the sleep sack arm holes.  With the gunapod, I just unsnap the shoulder snaps and slip her out...fuss free!

No more early morning fuss!
Thanks to these snaps and the all-around zipper, you are able to take the front of the gunapod off almost completely.  We no longer have to worry about waking Carina up while trying to wrangle her into other sleep sacks!  Just put the back of the gunapod down in the crib, but baby on top, and then snap and zip the front in place.  Easy peasy.

The numerous configurations also make it simple to regulate your baby's temperature.  Too hot?  You can unzip the bottom, unsnap the top, unzip one (or both) of the sides.  Too cold?  Zip and snap back up.  Keeping baby comfortable has never been easier.

Where have you been for the last 8 months, comfy cozy sack of wonder?  I think the gunapod will be my new "go-to" baby shower gift.

August is the month when the most babies are born so gunamuna is celebrating!  Enter code "hello august" during checkout to receive a 20% percent discount on your gunapod order.

gunamuna is generously offering a gunapod in the size of your choice (3-9 months, 9-18 months, or 18-24 months) to one of my readers! 

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