Monday, August 15, 2011

Must Have Monday - Carina's command center

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station, Doodle BugsCarina still loves her Jumperoo, but we thought it was about time to get her something else in which to play.  I did so much research trying to find the perfect walker, exersaucer, or some combination between the two and finally came across the Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station. There is a little table full of toys and a seat that pivots 360 degrees around the table.  Baby can walk around and play with the toys - without the worry of a tumble down the stairs or an unfortunate face plant.

What sealed the deal for me is that as soon as baby doesn't need the seat anymore, you can take it off and just use the toy table!  There are a bunch of really cute toys including a couple bugs that stand up, a froggy spinny-thing, mirror, piano keys that play different music/sounds depending upon which page you turn the little music book to, whack-a-mole-like fishes, bug in a bubble (below - Carina loves this), a removable tray on which to put snacks or other toys, and more.  I think Carina's favorite is the piano.  She might have actually broken it a little, with all of her banging on it...

First time playing with it!
Hi Mom!  I love my toy!
She just started scooting around the table the last few days.  It is so fun to watch her move in the direction of the toys she wants to play with!

Do you have an exersaucer or walker for your baby?

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