Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Daddy's little musician

A couple times a week M breaks out his oboe and plays for Carina before bed time.  Lately she has really been getting into it!  She dances and flails her arms in the Bumbo; it is hilarious to watch.

After he is done playing, M lets Carina {gently} touch it.  She usually has the funniest look on her face as she explores it; she furrows her brow and seems as if she is deep in thought.  Maybe she's trying to figure out how it works?  Since I don't actually know what she's thinking, here is my best guess...

What is this?
Ooooh keep playing!
I love it I love it!
This sounds better than the music my toys make
I play now?

Will you start baby on any musical instruments?  If so, when?

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