Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are you a stalker if it's your own kid?

They slowly push the door open, allowing a sliver of light to shine on the far wall of the room.  They tiptoe in slowly, careful to not make a single noise. Then, they stand in silence, watching the person sleeping.

No, this is not the opening scene from a horror movie (although it probably could be); this is me and M, in the dark, peering over the crib watching our sleeping baby.

Adorable sleeping peanut
I do this when I miss her. When I would give anything to wake her up, hold her close, and breathe in her sweet baby scent.

But that would be selfish of me {as it would surely wake her up and screaming would ensue}, so I don't. I just stand there in silence and marvel at this wonderful creature that I grew, birthed, and have the privilege and pleasure of watching and helping grow, each and every day. I listen to her little sleepy sighs and chirps and my heart melts.

How did we get so lucky?

P.S. And OMG, again, don't you just want to nom on those ham-hocks?

P.P.S. Be careful what you wish for. She woke up screaming a half hour ago and won't go back to sleep. On that note, gotta run.

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