Friday, September 16, 2011

Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table - Review

As you can see in the photo below, Carina wasn't quite sure what to make of the big package that came in the mail recently.  We took the Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table out of the box and before I could even get my hands on them, Carina grabbed one of the balls and started waving it around!

"Your toddler will never run out of new things to do and learn with the Get Rollin’ Activity Table™! From the ball ramp to the peek-a-boo gator and the caterpillar piano, this activity table provides hours of entertainment and learning! It even fosters bilingual language learning by teaching shapes, colors, numbers, and more in both English and Spanish."
She has no idea of the wonders that await her inside this box!

The Having a Ball™ Get Rollin’ Activity Table™ features:
  • Over 60 different songs and activities across 8 play areas
  • Unique ball ramp swirls balls around the table before dropping them down one table leg
  • Electronic book features fun phrases and melodies and flipping the pages changes from Play mode to Learn mode
  • Open and close peek-a-boo gator features fun sounds
  • Merry go round spins balls around while playing melodies
  • Press and pop “1,2,3” teaches numbers and animal sounds
  • Cute caterpillar piano plays music while teaching colors and shapes
  • Turtle gears play the ABC song and other melodies when turned
  • Fun fish bead spinner plays melodies and sounds
  • 3 AA batteries included!
The activity table develops and encourages motor skills while teaching colors, shapes, numbers, opposites, and animal names. It also has 2 modes: Play Mode or Learning Mode and can be used in both English and Spanish.

One of my favorite features of the table is that the legs are detachable! Carina can't stand up on her own too well yet, so we aren't currently using them. Once she starts standing up we can just snap them in! The assembly couldn't be easier; no screwdrivers or tools necessary. Since the legs are detachable, the activity table makes a great toy for babies as young as 6 months, all the way up to 3 years.

You're interrupting my fun
Carina's favorite parts of the activity table are the caterpillar piano (she bangs on it to her heart's content), the electronic book, and the balls - she could wave them around and stick them in her mouth forever. She is just starting to understand how the ramp works. I think as she grows and develops (she is 8.5 months now) this might become her new favorite part of the table. The only aspects of the table that leave room for improvement in my opinion are that the voice is just a tad bit annoying (although the number and variety of songs is really impressive), and the turtle gears seem to get stuck a little bit.
Busy playing
There are so many fun things to do with the table; Carina just doesn't get bored! She moves from one toy to the next, cooing and giggling. I can only imagine she will enjoy it even more as she starts to understand letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. One thing that is unique about this table that I really like is the two different modes: Play mode and Learn mode. The songs and sounds in Play mode are fun, while those in Learn mode are educational. Switching from one to the other is as easy as turning the page on the electronic book.

The kitty is coming to check it out...
...and steals one of the balls!
I would definitely recommend the Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table for any child you know who likes to have fun ;)  It is available at Toys R Us for $44.99

I received this item free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. All opinions are honest, and my own. Your experience may vary.

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