Monday, September 19, 2011

Have you seen my brain?

My inaugural experience with "Mommy Brain" occurred on my first day back at work in March when I forgot some of my pump parts. Since then, it's just gotten worse. There was my almost peep show at work and later my absent-mindedness resulted in a dead car battery and computer keyboard (by the way I'm still using an external keyboard with my laptop).

It's really hard for me to accept this new reality because I've always been really on top of everything. I don't forget things, I don't misplace, and I'm not a clumsy person. Okay so maybe I need to change my verb tense here. I didn't ever forget things, I didn't used to misplace, and I wasn't a clumsy person...

This weekend started off with Carina waking up at 5:45 AM and me needing a big ol' cup of coffee. I poured the water in and turned on the coffeemaker. When it beeped a few minutes later, I thought to myself, "wow that coffee looks odd." My genius self forgot to actually add the coffee.

Then, I did laundry yesterday in our lovely ::eyeroll:: Community Laundry room (more on that later in the week). After starting the washer, I got all the way upstairs to our apartment before I realized that I never added detergent. So back down I went...tail between my legs.

Yesterday we drove 45 minutes away for a friend's baby's baptism. We brought a few toys for Carina, along with her kitty WubbaNub pacifier. This is the only pacifier that she will take. I held on to it carefully all day, making sure she didn't drop it in a puddle outside or toss it in the pew in front of us during Mass. But somehow, I managed to leave it behind at the family's house and Carina screamed the whole way home. Nothing would calm her, funny faces, toys...I tried it at all. She was hysterical and my heart died a little inside with each of her tiny wails. So, I did what any desperate Mom would do; I pulled aside my shirt and bra and dangled myself over the car seat so she could eat. Yep, I breastfed my baby on I-90 at 75 mph. Safe? Absolutely not. Smart? No freaking way. Effective? The screaming stopped; win for Mama G. Now I have a crick in my back and a little bit less dignity than I had before, but those are sacrifices that we Moms have to be willing to make, right?

Each of these mess ups are really not a big deal on their own, but add them together in a 48 hour period of time, and they have me feeling pretty embarrassed. I don't know if I can trust myself to remember important things anymore. {Oh, here's where I should mention that we were late on our rent this month because I just forgot}

And now for some super cute baby to help me feel better about myself...

Who's got a good "Mommy Brain" story to share? Help me regain some confidence by allowing me to laugh at your expense ;)

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