Friday, September 9, 2011

Why we won't be returning to play group


I need to grow a pair - figuratively speaking, of course.  Let me explain...

I was so excited to bring Carina to our first ever playgroup at church yesterday.  We arrived a few minutes early and I put her on the floor next to me.  Within seconds a three year old ran over and started trying to pick Carina up.

"The baby wants to sit for just a couple minutes," I informed the girl.  This was our first outing with kids I don't know and maybe I'm being a bit uptight, but I'm just not ready to let a random toddler pick Carina up yet.  She was also a little rough with her, and kept on trying to jerk her around even after I told her to be gentle with the baby.

"No - I want to play with the baby," she replied.  I was startled; what do I say?  Her Mom was across the room, clearly not paying attention.  I must have said "No, please leave the baby alone" upwards of 10 times but this little girl was persistent.

I took a teething ring out of my diaper bag and said that Carina was going to sit and play with this toy.  This made her stop.  Phew!  I was about to relax when she proceeded to rummage through my diaper bag.  She pulled out the Wubbanub and started rolling the pacifier in her fingers.  Uggh.  "Can the baby have that back, please?  It's her favorite toy."

"No."  And then she ran off with it.  This is when I should have hauled Carina and my giant diaper bag over to the girl's Mother and asked her to get it back, and to casually mention that Carina doesn't like to get picked up by strangers.  But no, I just sat there instead.  Toddler - 1: Mama G - 0

Then, the coordinator explained that the group would be run like this: Moms sit and discuss a book or articles about parenting while the kids run around and play.  Carina can't really run around yet, and I certainly don't want to let talk-backy toddler pick her up and run off with her.

AND I'd have to chip in $15 for materials when we're only going to be here in town for a couple more months (not the whole year).  While $15 isn't going to break the bank, this just put me over the edge.  I am not going to drag myself to a place where I am uncomfortable, Carina probably can't have that much fun, and I have to pay to do it.

Well, it seems as if I might have grown some teeny tiny balls while writing this post; I think I'm just going to say "No" to going back.  Small wins, people, small wins...

This is more fun than playgroup, Mom!
Am I being ridiculous?  If you were me, would you go back?  I should add that there is another playgroup we are trying out next this isn't the be all and end all of socializing for Carina (and me).

P.S. We got the Wubbanub back, which is a good because I would have turned psycho Mommy so fast...

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