Thursday, September 8, 2011

My first day as a full time Mom

Friday, August 26th marked my last day at work for what will probably be a long time. Since then, I have been home with Carina all day every day. I'll touch more upon how it's going in the broader sense later, for now I just want to share with you how my first day went.

7:00 - Carina wakes up and does the cutest little happy dance when I pick her up out of the crib. I bring her into our bed and feed her, taking my time instead of rushing this morning.

7:30  - Walk down the hallway to our apartment building's free breakfast. Sit and enjoy some coffee and donuts with M before he catches the bus to work.

8:00 - Play time! Blocks, My Pal Violet, abacus, pots and pans, stacky toy, you name it...we played with it.

8:30 - Nap time.

9:00 - No really, Carina, it's nap time. Feed her and try to put her down again.

9:30  - For serious, little one, go to sleep.  Caffeine from the coffee I drank starts giving me a stomach ache.

10:00 - Finally asleep.

10:30 - Carina wakes up ready for PLAY TIME! Jump jump jump in the Jumperoo until a foul smell permeates through the room. Carina screams as I change her diaper :(

11:00 - Practice crawling, standing, and walking. Read some stories. Have refuse some solids for lunch.

12:00 - Nurse then nap time.

12:30 - Please nap?

1:00 - Get the sleepless baby out of her crib and go for a walk.

2:00 - Nap success.

2:15 - Awake.  ::facepalm::  Nurse and then play time in her command center.

3:00 - Read some more stories and play around on the floor while Momma attempts to do some dishes.

4:00 - Nap time.  OMG you actually fell asleep YAY!  Plan dinner spend 45 minutes on Pinterest looking at food boards.

4:45 - Carina wakes up.  More fun time in the Jumperoo.  Nurse and then Momma starts dinner.

5:15 - Put Carina in the Bumbo right next to the kitchen so I can talk to her while I cook.  I know she is interested in hearing about the wonders of bacon.

5:45 - Dinner ready; M should be home at 6.

6:15 - No husband.  No answer on his phone either.  Feed Carina some solids.  She spits them out - all over her, and all over me.

6:30 - Start putting Carina to bed, still no husband.

6:45 - M calls; his boss held him hostage.  Will be home at 7:30.  Carina falls asleep, and not wanting to wait another 45 minutes, Momma eats cold dinner by herself.

7:30 - M finally gets home and I am ready to pass out.

Naps?  What are those?
I was so excited to have a family dinner on my first day staying home.  I felt so accomplished and productive that I had dinner ready and waiting for when M was going to arrive at home.  It shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but I was so upset that dinner went cold and I ate by myself...

In all, I was not anticipating that my first day would be this hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

What are your days like (both stay at home Moms and working Moms)?

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