Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday - My "duhhh" parenting moments

I am abounding in fail, seriously. I think I write about the dumb things I have done more than I write about anything else on here. There was the time I breastfed Carina on I-90, I've sniffed inside her diaper to determine if she had pooped, and let's not forget that I sat in my office boobs out with the door open. ::shakes head in embarrassment::

So now for two things I've done that make me feel like I have to be one of the slowest people alive.

Carina has fought us since we started giving her solid food when she was about 6 months old. She just didn't want it, and "here comes the airplane!" wasn't helping {although it sure helped me look and feel completely stupid}. It was a constant struggle for more than 2 months, and I really started to panic that she would be behind. We tried a number of different vegetables and fruits, some with worse results than others, but I wouldn't say that she actually liked a single one of them. Then, about a month ago, M made what should have been a seemingly obvious suggestion, "maybe she needs something to wash it down. Let's give her a sippy cup with some water or breastmilk in it." So we did. And from then on she has eaten almost everything. How did we not think of this sooner?

This is what I wanted!

For about a month, Carina was waking up between 4 and 4:30 AM every.single.morning. Like clockwork. I picked her up out of her crib, brought her into our bed to nurse, and then let her sleep between us. Except most of the time, she wouldn't go back to sleep right away. I was a zombie and she was horribly fussy; it was just bad all around. Until one morning, I had the bright idea to try inserting her pacifier when she first stirred at 4 AM. I went back to bed, waiting to hear her start fussing any second...the next thing I knew I heard her over the monitor and went to get her, rather dejectedly. But then I noticed that it was awfully bright out for 4 AM. I checked the clock - 7 AM. OMG how did I never think to put in her pacifier before? Seems like a no-brainer, right? So now, no more 4 AM zombie for Mama G. ::cue heavenly music::

Sometimes I wonder how I graduated 2nd in my high school class and scored a full ride to college. Book smarts? I haz them. Common sense? Not a drop ;)

If you don't have a blog or a fail post, feel free to leave a comment with your story!

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is FAIL. Thanks to Mychal over at My Life in Mommyland for the great idea! So link up an old post or a new post...whatever you'd like, so long as it is about a Mommy fail, a time when you had pregnancy brain, or just when you did something stupid in general. There are no rules, except that you link up a relevant post rather than your whole blog.


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