Monday, October 24, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday - OMG where'd she go?

Not even a month ago I told you about annoying strangers who thought something was wrong with Carina because she wasn't crawling yet. Then about two weeks ago, it happened. She shuffled a little bit, face planted a few times, but then she was off!

CRAP. Why did I ever wish that she would start crawling already?

Last weekend was utterly exhausting. I couldn't even put her down for a minute without ensuing chaos. When I was cooking and thought she was happily playing on her mat, I heard a crashing sound and then a hysterical scream. She had taken down the full-length mirror we {stupidly} had leaning up against the wall in the hallway. It fell on top of her :( Luckily she was fine, but how on Earth did she move 25 feet in 30 seconds? Later, I left her be while I sprinted to the bathroom to try to set a record for the fastest pee ever. When I returned she was shaking the rather unsturdy entertainment center, just willing the TV to fall down on top of her - um, eek?

So in order to prevent serious bodily injury to our curious little peanut, we ordered a baby jail from Amazon. Let the record show that I am morally opposed to the term "baby jail", but couldn't think of anything else to call it that would accurately convey what it is. So baby jail it remains.

Since we wanted our daughter to live to see the day the baby jail got delivered, we set up a makeshift safe zone for her. The boxes here are mostly blocking her access to the internet cables and electrical wires, which lately have been her favorite things on which to chew. We didn't really have anything to prevent her from getting into the rest of the room...I just resigned myself to not leave her side for the next couple days for fear of a repeat of the mirror or TV situation.

It doesn't get much more ghetto than this, folks
SO YAY YAY YAY today was the day! The baby jail arrived! Here it is in all its plastic glory.

Much better. I feel like I can breathe {and pee in peace} now.
I set Carina down in her infantile Alcatraz and awaited the tantrum I was sure would follow. No fussing. No crying. She just scooted around checking out her new well-defined play area. She didn't seem to mind being all. Win for Mama G.

Oh wait. Now she's pulling up on it, and standing. OMG I am so not ready for walking yet...

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is Milestones. Thanks to Heather at Our Girls Keep Us Moving for the idea! So link up an old post or a new post...whatever you'd like, so long as it is about a milestone or a first. Maybe baby's first solid food, first steps, a pregnancy milestone, etc. There are no rules, except that you link up a relevant post rather than your whole blog.


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