Thursday, December 8, 2011

Long Delays & Bitchy Cats: Our Move in iPhone Photos

After M's defense all focus turned to packing. Our moving pods (er - Relocubes, as the semi-rude lady on the phone informed me when I called them pods) were delivered just a couple hours after M closed the door on his 5 year grad school career. With the help of my Father-in-Law and a couple friends we loaded our entire {material} lives and then headed off to the airport.

Almost everything is packed!
But today, the Midwest really felt like sticking it to me. I like to tell myself that it just didn't want me to leave. When we arrived at the airport our 2 PM flight had been delayed until 7 PM, which meant we would surely miss our connection in Chicago (this just had to be one of the very few times I ever connect in Chicago, right?) Fortunately we got on an earlier flight, the 11:30 which had still yet to take off at 1...then 2...then 3. At 3 I called M and contemplated giving up. Making the 16 hour drive with him the next morning wouldn't be the end of the world. I decided to stick it out a little while longer, and I'm glad I did because by 3:45 we were on our way to Chicago and the nice US Airways employees snagged us the last seat on the early flight from Chicago to Philly, so we only ended up getting in a couple hours later than originally planned.

Please nap, Carina? (at the airport)
M woke up bright and early and made the 16 hour trek from Wisconsin to Philly, accompanied by our vocal (and rather bitchy) cats. Despite giving them kitty valium, they meowed and fought for hours. M let them roam free, which made them a bit more content but unfortunately led to Rufus (in the forefront below) jumping up on the dashboard and blocking M's view of the road with his effeminate fluffy tail. M threw him in the back and called me, cursing.

Enjoying the ride (ok, not so much enjoying...)
After a couple days visiting the in-laws, it was time once again to throw the cats in the car (we didn't even try the carrier this go around). We drove the 4 hours up to Connecticut and settled into our hotel room. Our apartment wasn't ready until Monday, so we had to spend the weekend in a Residence Inn. The only problem we encountered here was when M carried Rufus inside. He escaped from M's arms and ran up a couple flights of stairs. Chaos ensued, but we managed to catch him. He was pissed.

Kitty in lap and a sleeping Carina on the drive to CT
Finally, it was time to move in! We were lucky to have some help unloading from a couple friends; I honestly don't know how we would have done it without their help. There is still lots of unpacking to do, but we are feeling more and more settled by the day! We have the whole 1st floor of an 100+ year old house, and it is just gorgeous. A few of you have asked for pics; I'll see what I can do once we are done unpacking.

Carina sleeping in the kitchen while we unloaded
I can't tell you how great it feels to be back in New England. Close to our families, and friends. Close to where I grew up. Close to my heart.

P.S. A huge thank you to all of the fantastic guest posters who held down the fort in my absence! Did you miss their posts? You can check them all out here :)


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