Friday, December 9, 2011

My Breastmilk's Excellent Adventure

While Carina and I arrived in Philly on the early flight, unfortunately my breastmilk did not.

I had painstakingly packed away my remaining 150+ ounces of frozen milk in two thermal tote bags with lots of ice, and many prayers. I knew there was a good chance the milk wouldn't remain frozen, but faced with this or ascertaining a large quantity of dry ice, a cooler, and paying to ship it, I chose the former.

When we arrived at the airport and were notified about the staggering delays, I thought about taking the milk out of my checked luggage and carrying it with me instead. In retrospect, I probably should have done this, but I was already traveling with Carina, umbrella stroller, and diaper bag, and I didn't know how I could manage two more {sizable and heavy} bags.

Carina and I snagged the last seat on an earlier flight to Philly (yay!) but when we arrived around 9 PM it became clear my milk didn't make it. I told the US Airways baggage claim employee, Judy, that my milk was on the later flight and I was so sad that it was going to spoil.

The flight ended up getting in around 3 AM (again, SO GLAD we made the earlier flight). I received a call from Judy at 6 AM letting me know she found my bag, took out the totes and put them in their employee freezer. Somehow, my milk was still frozen after almost 18 hours.

So thank you for saving my stash, Judy at US Airways in Philly, my breastmilk guardian angel. Carina and my boobs thank you.

We picked it up a little later that morning and stuffed it in the freezer at my Mother-in-Law's work (wouldn't fit at their house), then brought it on the drive to Connecticut a couple days later, stuck it in the hotel freezer there, and then finally on Monday it found it's new permanent home in the freezer in our new apartment. Rock on, most resilient substance ever.

Safe and sound in our freezer


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