Monday, January 16, 2012

Holy freaking tantrum

Carina has started hysterically screaming multiple times a day. Not just when she falls and bumps her head, not only when she experiences the travesty of a diaper change, but also when she...
  • gets something that she wants taken away from her (e.g. my iPhone, some piece of lint she picked up off the floor and is trying to eat, cat food)
  • drops a toy
  • becomes startled
I'm talking hysterical full-blown tantrum. And usually, no amount of hugging, bouncing, distracting with shiny objects and toys, or even comfort nursing {my last resort} works to calm her down.

How DARE you steal this clump of dirt I found
I hope our upstairs neighbors don't try to get us kicked out...unfortunately our walls and ceiling are paper thin :(

Any advice on how to squash these epic fits right in their tracks? I try to ignore them when it's clear that there is no legitimate reason for her screaming, but my ears literally cannot take it. Maybe leave her be in her crib until she calms down?

What ridiculous things render your baby inconsolable? {Hopefully it's not just me...}


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