Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Through the eyes of a child

We took Carina to Enchanted Village on her birthday last week. My family went almost every year {when it was open} when I was younger. We used to make a whole weekend event out of it; we stayed at the Copley Marriott in Boston and went shopping at the Prudential Center and oohed and ahhed over all of the animatronic dolls in their Victorian finery. I loved it. I knew it would be the perfect birthday outing for Carina.

Every time the fake snow started, Carina flailed her legs and arms and squealed. Pure joy. 

Watching the "snow" start
The Sweet Shop
Frock Shop (lol)
More "snow"!
She could not get enough of it
Carina and Mimi
Clapping in anticipation of the "snow"
Here it comes!
She wouldn't stop pointing at it
One of the family home scenes
Sleepy baby
Watching the excitement on her face in response to fake snow took my breath away. I think we all should take a cue from our children and try to enjoy the simple things in life as much as they do. We'd be all the better for it.


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