Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am afraid of how big this is going to get

Please don't mind the fuzzy pants
How far along? 6 weeks

Weight gain/loss: None yet - still at 118.

Maternity clothes? I dug them all out of the storage bin I had put them in a week prior to my BFP. Not wearing them quite yet, however. Somehow, my 2 favorite pairs of maternity jeans are missing, though...

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep? Carina is suddenly waking a couple times a night = Mommy is a zombie.

Best moment this week? My parents coming to visit!

Food cravings: Pasta with cream cheese. Actually, everything. I can't stop eating.

Gender: Since my nausea has been much worse this time around, I'll guess boy.

Belly button in or out? In.

Movement? I have phantom kicks - it's so strange. I know it's clearly not my 6 weeker kicking around in there.

What I miss? Not feeling like crap?

What I'm looking forward to: M's best friends are coming to visit this weekend and we're planning on telling them by having Carina wear a "Big Sister" shirt. Can't wait!

Weekly wisdom: This too shall pass.

Milestones: Part of baby's face will develop this week

My 6 week photo from last time: wow, what a difference! I think I look closer to my 13 week photo. What do you think?


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Kristin said...

My experience has been that I look at least 5-10 weeks bigger than I am the second time around. Your bloat is adorable though and it will be a hard bump before you know it! Enjoy your food! I'm glad you can eat :)

Anonymous said...

I think, for me anyway, it was all early pregnancy bloat at that stage...but for the 2nd I don't have any experience! Mind you I started showing early, even for my first at about 11 weeks. By 10 weeks I was out of my own pants, I'd get soooo bloated by the evening!

Lauren said...

You look wonderful and your bloat is adorable! I am so happy for you!

Loveland Scherman said...
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Unknown said...

Everyone says you show sooner with your second! But I am sure the bloat will die down at some point.

Molly @thewaffler said...

Wow, I must have missed the big announcement -- Congrats!!! When I was pregnant with my first, my seventh grade students didn't pick up on it until I was 4 months along...with my second, it only took 8 weeks.

Carrie said...

I think you look gorgeous and I'm super jealous!

mari2003/ TwinskMama said...

Oh Mama you are adorable. I look real big the second time around. I bloated real early on. I was wearing maternity clothes at 7 weeks! You still look amazing! I am very happy for you!

Jordan Marie @ said...

you look so stinking cute!!
congrats if i haven't said so yet!

Stefanie Blakely said...

I felt like I got big so much faster the 2nd time, but it all evened out in the 2nd Tri! I was no bigger with Jack than I was with Liam.

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