Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bribing you with cuteness

Top Baby Blogs, a blog directory of which I am a part, just had it's quarterly reset. Thank you all so much for voting for me over the past few months! Because of you, I held onto the #10 position until all of the votes were erased, just now. A number of you actually found me through Top Baby Blogs. It is such a wonderful blogging community, and I have made quite a few good friends there.
So, could you please help me get back to where I was? Just click here ~~~> Vote For Us @ TopBabyBlogs.Com - A Top Baby Blog List By topbabyblogs.com

Or click on one of the Carina bribery photos below. Then click on the owl to your left. It's that easy! I would appreciate it so much.

Can you deny this smile?

I have a Top Baby Blogs button over on the left sidebar, there, too. You can vote once every 24 hours. And if you do, I'll love you forever. Promise. I appreciate every vote so much, thanks :)


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