Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are you sure this is my child?

I have had a 28 year love affair with chocolate. I just can't get enough...ever. I may or may not have eaten chocolate cake for breakfast a few days ago. There's a probability possibility that my afternoon snack yesterday was chocolate frosting out of the can.

So when we offered Carina a little bit of chocolate cake for the first time, we expected that she would devour it faster than her beeline for the door when M comes home from work. Yet, she met it with suspicion, and ultimately, apathy.

What is this crumbly brown ugliness you have set before me?
I will try it, despite my better judgment
I don't think so.
I am not impressed. NEXT!
Who is this child? Surely she can't be mine.

Does your babies enjoy the same things you do? What foods don't they like?


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Anonymous said...

Ha! My mom questioned me being her child for the same reason. I didn't like chocolate still not my favorite thing either.

So far Mackenzie loves everything we give her. Even things we don't like. I've had to learn how to pick certain fruits because I won't eat them but she loves them. I can't wait to see how she handles chocolate.

Kelley said...

She has such a mischievous look about her! LOL! Cutie!

Hello Jack Blog said...

Look at the faces she's making - priceless! :)

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

Aidan and I like a lot of the same things, but there are some foods that he just plain old refuses. Like bread. What kid doesn't like bread? MY KID, that's who.

Carina's one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen. Truth. said...

My son takes after his dad with his likes. They are both meat eaters and I am NOT.

Unknown said...

G takes after her dad and has a salt tooth rather than a sweet tooth. I have tried to give her my home-made cupcakes and other confections and she could care less. Give her a cheddar cracker or pretzel and she is in heaven!

Les @ LPN Programs said...

1st pic: "Whoops, why are you taking a picture?"

Now that my son's a preschooler, he (unsurprisingly) loves the same food that we love. When he's hungry, he goes on and on about wanting this and that and that and that too.

Maybe when you're little one's a little older she'll like it better.

MommaM said...

No worries, MamaG! This means there's more chocolate in the G house for you! Hehe

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