Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello, 2nd Trimester!

Oops, forgot to put on makeup today

How far along? 13 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 116 lbs. Up 1 lb. from last week, but 2 lbs. down from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Feeling: No more nausea, but I've had some on and off headaches and I'm still tired all the time.

Maternity clothes? Absolutely.

Sleep:What I wouldn't give to be able to sleep in. I am sleeping 8+ hours a night consistently yet I'm still tired.

Food cravings: Apple pie.

Movement? I hope within the next few weeks!

What I miss? I'm not going to lie, booze.

Best moment this week: Going out for pizza with a friend!

What I'm looking forward to: Mid 70 degree weather today and tomorrow.

Next Appointment: Friday. I think we'll schedule our anatomy scan!

Milestones: 2nd Trimester!

You know, I probably should have taken pictures of me standing in the same direction as last time. It would be much easier to compare! 13 weeks last time.


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