Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sell out

Somehow this post is less painful for me to write if I sing "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish in my head as I'm typing. Bear with me, please.

I know I've alluded to the fact that money is really tight a few times now. We've cut back quite a bit, I clip coupons religiously, and we don't buy anything we don't need. I haven't bought myself any new clothes since early on in my first pregnancy. (Quick background - unfortunately, post doctoral fellowships don't pay much at all, even if it's at an Ivy League University. My non-compete agreement from my company is rock solid and boooo they aggressively enforce it; it doesn't expire until the end of August. I've looked for other jobs but nothing I've found would have me making enough to pay for daycare and still have some to spare.)

For a little while we thought we might sign up for WIC and energy assistance - we qualify for both. We just kept on putting it off in the hopes that we could figure something else out. And luckily, I think we have. But, I have mixed emotions about it.

This blog has always been for me. First it was my outlet when we were trying to conceive, then it transitioned into my pregnancy journal, and finally Carina's baby book. Now I guess we've come full circle with the impending arrival of baby geek #2. My focus has always been what is going on in my life - with just a dash of product reviews and giveaways of items I think you all will be interested in.

My focus will still be what is going on in my life - and I will post just as much as I have up until now. The change will be this; in addition to my regularly scheduled posts, I will be posting maybe once a week about other products, stores/companies, sponsored topics, and giveaways that might interest you. It might not seem like that big of a deal, and it really isn't (as most other bloggers do this), but it's still hard for me to make this change.

Maybe I'm being silly in caring so much about this, and in explaining myself like this to you. Maybe the majority of you really don't care? I just would hate to turn you off, lose you as a reader, or have you think I've turned to the dark side or something. I'm not doing this to be greedy. And I promise I'm not going to turn my blog into an endless stream of commercials. I'm humbling myself before you and admitting that it was either this, or financial dire straits for us.

I hope you understand. And now for some super cute {and silly} baby.


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