Saturday, March 17, 2012

My first "conversation" with Carina

A few days ago Carina was playing at the table while I was enjoying a cup of coffee. Her face contorted into a funny little grunt as she spread her hands out on the side of the table and got up on her tippy toes.

"What are you doing, Carina?" I asked. She looked at me, flexed her feet up and down, and then returned to a state of deep concentration.

"Carina, are you pooping?" I guessed.

"YEAH!" she exclaimed.

"Would you like me to change your diaper?" was the next logical question.

"Yeah," she replied.

So I brought her into the nursery and sure enough there was a turd, so I changed her diaper.

Simple, sure. Gross? Probably. But after we went back to playing I sat back and smiled. For the first time in her almost 15 months of life, she verbally communicated her needs to me. Amazing. Seems appropriate that it would be about poop, right? ;)

So happy to have a clean diaper ;)

Just for fun - I added a little poll at the top left. Do you think baby #2 will be a boy or girl? Get your guesses in!

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