Saturday, March 24, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday (okay, well...Monday)

I needed to get out. M worked most of the weekend last weekend and by Sunday night I was exhausted. I couldn't think straight and I don't think I had changed out of my pajamas in longer than I would care to admit. So, when a friend of mine suggested we get out for a little while on Monday night, I couldn't possibly have gotten out of the apartment any faster.

Top: Gap Maternity
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Mary Janes: Kohl's (children's section!) No lie - I think they're Size 4; I have tiny feet

Kitty wanted to get in on the pictures
The stripes actually make my bump look smaller than normal!
My "I ate way too much pizza" face
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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