Monday, March 26, 2012

Things We Actually Say

M and I have compiled a list of things we never thought we would say, yet have, while caring for our little one. Some of these are cut & pasted from Twitter, others are just famously {or infamously} remembered by us.

Carina, please eat your breakfast, not your crayons.

No, Carina, we don't put monkey in our hoo-ha. 

Carina, did you just leave a pee pee trail through the hallway?!?

We don't throw eggs at Daddy. 

No no no, no playing in the kitty litter.

Carina, we don't roll around in our poopy. 

Up to no good again, aren't we?

No, Carina, we don't eat rug.

Carina, we don't chew on the kitty's fur.


We don't go fishing in the dirty diaper pail. 

Kitty food doesn't taste very good, does it?

No, Carina, we don't put our mouth on the toilet seat. (!!!)

Okay, let's hear what you actually say ;)


20 words of geekdom:

JoAnna said...

Most recent is "please don't put Ravioli up your nose." Another is "we don't poop on the bathroom floor."

Mindi said...

No Noah, don't bite the potty chair. No Xander, we don't put your underwear in the entire toliet. (This was after he saw me washing out his poop underwear in the toliet--such a gross job, but they were his favorite superman underwear). said...

Just said two days ago.... "Is that POOP on your FOOT?"...then spent the next 5 minutes cleaning the poop trail off the floor.

Caroline said...

Aidan, we don't strangle our friends. They don't like it!

Unknown said...

Get your finger out of your nose. (it's our new obsession)

No, Emi, we don't eat the flowers.

Emi, don't beat the cat. Just pull her tail.

Emi, don't eat the lady bug.

What do you want?? I don't know what you want? What do you want?? Oh, no, you can't have my pill bottle/coffee/scissors/ear rings/insert dangereous item here.

You have to let me get the booger out of your nose!

Jennifer said...

Is that poop in your finger? Come back in the bathroom and let me help you wipe. Well where did the poop on your finger come from?? Your butt? Thats what I thought! Get in there!

Kristin said...

James we dint share our drink with the flatscreen. (!!)

Anonymous said...

"No no no, no playing in the kitty litter" … Seriously??
Oh no, my first baby is due in June and we have four kitties. What am I letting myself in for??!! :)

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Bahaha these are cracking me up!

And Kirsty - unfortunately, yes. My nephew enjoyed EATING kitty litter. We haven't had that problem yet.

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Oh man do I have one to add.

"Carina, what are you playing with? Ahhhh PUT DOWN the kitty barf hairball!"

Sarah @ Vol Family Life said...

I said the toilet seat one this weekend as I was getting her out of the bath for her birthday party... yeah.

I also say, "EVIE!!! We don't fling dirty diapers around!!!" all the time because she loves the bright bum genius colors... sigh...

Unknown said...

HAHAHA! That kitty barf hairball comment was said here just the other day except we refer to them as Kitty Socks! EWWWW!

Amanda K. said...

Sounds like we have many (wonderful) moments awaiting us...! I wonder how many of these same comments I'll be making a year, two years, 3 years from now... lol.

Alex Green said...

"No, Carina, we don't put monkey in our hoo-ha."

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I can see this being something we'll have to say to our future little ones.

Shalyn said...

"Please don't poke sister in the eye. Pet sister nice like a kitty."
"Are you pooping? Good job!"
"We don't bite Grandpa's toes."
"No blowing raspberries with food in your mouth!"

Unknown said...

"Aidan, are you dining on boogers again?"

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Haha- please eat your dinner and not your crayons. I just said the same thing tonight to Zane:) We don't go fishing in the dirty diaper pail,lol. SO CUTE!!

Amanda Westerlund said...

lol, I see you've already mentioned it, but yes...."No Conor, we don't eat the pee clumps from the kitty litter!!!"

Unknown said...

Just yesterday I said, " Did you put that doughnut down my dress?"

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool little site you got here. I found it when I googled the term "Geeky things to say" lol

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