Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - Momma's going to go crazy if you're type B

I am one of the most {annoyingly} type A people out there. I plan. I schedule. I organize. I make lists. I reorganize those lists. I always need to know "what the plan is" long before it needs to be enacted. Sometimes days (or weeks, or months) before. "Tightly-wound" could have been my middle name.

You better not remove one of our in-alphabetical-order DVDs and put it back among the R's when it belongs with the B's, or you'll see steam emanating from my ears. You might want to make sure you load the dishwasher in an orderly fashion (read: plates in height order, utensils with like-utensils) or else I will just rearrange it all. I am so anal that even when DH is with me at the grocery store I can't give him a short list of things to go get by himself. I *need* to get everything myself. If you try to spontaneously throw a wrench in my plans I just might pee my pants out of frustration.

I bet right about now you might be 1. thanking your lucky starts you've never had to live with me and/or 2. feeling sorry for M. I promise I'm really not that scary. ;)

Well, I married the epitome of type B. I don't know how it always works, but it does. The one thing I know for sure, though, is that I don't think I would be able to stay sane if I was outnumbered by type Bs.

So Carina (and baby in my belly), pretty please be like Mommy? You don't have to line up your children's books in height order and it certainly isn't essential that you sort your toys by color or absence/presence of annoying music. But, if you were to tell me someday that you love lists I just might be the proudest Momma ever.

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday co-host is Elizabeth over at Our Life, and the topic is something you hope your baby gets (or doesn't get!) from you! Maybe a feature or personality trait? Or a special talent? There are no rules, except that you link up a relevant post rather than your whole blog.

Next week's topic is your favorite recipe for your baby/toddler/child!


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