Monday, April 30, 2012

19 week bumpdate

Mike didn't think I was smiling big enough, this was my response
How far along? 19 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 121 lbs. No gain since last week. Up 3 lbs. I was already up by 10 lbs. at this point when I was pregnant with Carina. I blame being so focused on how she is eating, sometimes I forget to eat myself :(

Feeling: Much better. I think I've finally kicked whatever sickness/allergies I was dealing with for weeks, yay!

Maternity clothes? I just dug all of my summer maternity clothes out of storage. When I was pregnant with Carina, the summer was from weeks 8 through 22. I don't think many of those clothes are going to fit me this time...

Sleep: I'm getting a pretty solid 8 hours a night. I guess I can't complain.

Food cravings: Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Can't get enough.

Movement? He/she is kicking constantly. He is most active while I am nursing Carina to sleep. Is he trying to tell me something? haha

What I miss? Rum & Coke. My sister and her family are coming to visit this weekend and she mentioned that she will bring some. I wish I could partake :(

Best moment this week: Mike didn't go into work this weekend, so we had a great family weekend for the first time in a long time.

What I'm looking forward to: Anatomy scan TOMORROW! Eeeek!

Next Appointment: The ultrasound of course, after that my next OB appointment is on May 18th.

Milestones: Baby is about 6 inches long right now. I can't believe I'll be half baked next week!

At 19 weeks with Carina - definitely bigger this time. Last week I had thought that I might be "catching up"...yeah I don't think so ;)
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