Monday, April 2, 2012

Never trying that again!

Last week our library had a one-time demo music class given by a local children's music instructor. I was excited to go to this free class, since they normally charge what you think would be a tiny college tuition for a "semester" of classes consisting of few minutes of banging on a xylophone and handful of songs. I noticed it was during Carina's naptime, but figured it would be just fine. I mean, how bad could postponing her nap a little while be?

How bad could it be?? Have you ever been that Mom sitting in a room full of happy, well-behaved children and their composed parents/caregivers while your precious little one is screaming like a banshee and trying to escape from your arms every 10 seconds?

She was NOT happy. Nothing at all would calm her down - not her binky, cheerios, sippy cup, toy, cuddling, and definitely not paying attention to the instructor whose Itsy Bitsy Spider was creeping up the water spout less than 3 feet away.

In retrospect I should have just left, because I spent the remainder of the 45 minutes feeling like everyone there was silently judging my parenting skills and cursing the fact that their happy little toddlers couldn't enjoy Twinkle Twinkle Little Star due to the demon child screeching like a barn owl in the corner. But, we were on the far end of the room and I had the giant stroller with me. There's nothing more conspicuous than Mommy-with-tantrum-baby plowing the City Mini through a roomful of staring children and their relieved parents.

So, never again will we postpone or skip Carina's nap unless it's an absolute necessity, or unless Mommy wants to exact revenge on some unsuspecting persons. "Oh! What a cute baby!" Heh, just you wait until it's past naptime...  ;)

Does your little one turn into a terror if naps are late or get missed?


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Emily Stephens said...

Too bad the class was during nap time! The Boy and I have been taking music classes since he was six months old (he'll turn 3 in July), I believe that exposure to music has helped his overall development.

Unknown said...

The thing I keep wondering is, why do they always seem to schedule things at nap time?!

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