Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pink Lining: Momma's got a brand new bag

Now that Carina is getting older I find myself needing to carry less and less in my diaper bag. There's no need for burp cloths, multiple changes of clothes, or a nursing cover anymore. I've always been a minimalist when it comes to things I carry, so this has been a very welcome change {yep, I'm that rare female anomaly who only has a wallet, phone, and chapstick in her purse!} So, it was about time to trade in my rather large diaper bag for a smaller, more streamlined one.

Pink Lining, UK-based baby bags designer, sent me their Mama et Bebe bag to try out. Decorated with birds and bows and green striped straps, the bag has double front pockets that are embroidered with a vintage pram design and Mama et Bebe lettering. It's adorable and functional. Just wait until you see all of the magical pockets inside.

Mama et Bebe
Pink Lining was established in 2001 by husband and wife team Rufus and Charlotte Pearl. As a result of a challenge by her husband Rufus, Charlotte designed and created the first Pink Lining handbag when she couldn’t find the perfect one to don for a special event.

Pink Lining is now a distinctive, international fashion label which aims to provide beautiful bags which also fulfill a functional use on a practical level. The range, is constantly evolving, inspired and designed to fulfill British designer Charlotte’s own needs and unequivocating expectations. It includes wallets, weekend bags and now the signature “Yummy Mummy” baby diaper bags which were designed for the birth of her daughter Amelia-Rose. 

Resplendent in exclusively designed fabrics and beautiful leather trim the designs are also often enhanced with intricate applique detail and whimsical embroidered slogans. The signature shocking pink lining used throughout the whole collection provides the wearer with their own personal piece of hidden luxury and the cleverly thought out pockets for mobiles, blackberries, pens and keys ensure the functionality of the product.

I love the attention to detail and special features of my Mama et Bebe bag. For someone who thrives off of organization and having everything in its designated place, this bag is heaven. There is a small detachable pocket mirror, a pen loop (yay! no more lost pens), key fob, zip pocket for my wallet and/or other valuables, insulated bottle/sippy cup pocket, and multiple other pockets and compartments. It's like the folks at Pink Lining thought of everything we Mommas could possibly want. The water-resistant inside lining of the bag, is of course, pink.

Despite being smaller than my old bag, I actually can't believe how much it holds! The bag also includes a padded, water-resistant changing pad and a zippered wet bag. I've been using mine as a wipes case.

Changing pad and zippered bag
The outer fabric of the bag is 80% cotton canvas coated in EVA laminate & 20% nylon. I love the way it feels (nice and smooth!) and that it repelled the spills we have encountered thus far. What can I say? We have a slightly messy baby. She likes to bat around her sippy cups and flail her snack pouches about. Having a bag that you can wipe off easily has become important to me as Carina has developed a tendency for playing with her food. The inside water-resistant lining is 100% nylon. 

The Mama et Bebe bag also comes with a removable adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry it like a messenger bag or a tote bag. Maybe I can blame pregnancy, but I tend to get uncomfortable when carrying any bag the same way for an extended period of time. I really like {and appreciate!} the ability to switch back and forth between the two different carry styles. The four metal balls on the bottom of the bag allow for setting it down anywhere, too, without having to worry about the fabric getting dirtied up.

Tote style
Messenger-style. Ha! Please don't mind my pink pants ;)
The shoulder strap that can be adjusted so that it can be made long enough to fit over any stroller handlebars. I attached it to our stroller using stroller hooks, but verified that the adjustable shoulder strap makes for a nice means of attachment as well. As I waddled through the Mystic Aquarium last weekend it was so nice to be able to let my stroller do the carrying.

Fits perfectly on the back of our stroller
With my Pink Lining bag, I can carry around everything I need in whatever way is comfortable for me. Win and win. Practical and adorable; I truly love this bag. In addition to the Mama et Bebe bags, Pink Lining carries a number of other styles including tote diaper bags, larger bags for twins, and other designer baby bags. Something for everyone :)

I was compensated for my time in composing this review. I received the item free of charge for reviewing purposes. All opinions are honest, and my own.
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