Friday, June 15, 2012

I went blonde again, but...

...I was in a hurry and picked the wrong color. UGH. Let's rewind. I was born with very {cute} light blonde hair that became darker and darker as I grew older.

I'm the adorable one on the left ;)
When I was 16, I started dyeing it blonde. That way it remained until I found out I was pregnant with Carina.

Younger, blonder Mama G
I think I waited until right before my baby shower and dyed it one more time. Then? I just let it go. When I posted my 14 week bumpdate a couple months ago I asked for your opinions on whether or not I should leave it be, or go back to blonde. Most of you said that I would make a hot brunette (haha thanks!) but for some reason I just got antsy, wanting to go back to the way it was. Honestly? I just felt prettier when I was blonde.

14 week photo: in desperate need of some hair help

Now on to my mistake. I'm cheap and have always used dye in a box from the drugstore. I know, I know...I've just never been able to afford getting it done professionally. I thought I remembered which shade I used, but I guess I was wrong, because it didn't come out looking like the light blonde pic above.

At least it's not 3 different colors (like in my bumpdate photo), though, right? I think I'll give it 4-6 weeks and then go for the lighter color. So for now, consider it a work in progress ;)

Or...I guess it's a possibility that I did buy the right color, and my hair is semi-rejecting it. I'm hoping that pregnancy didn't completely change my hair's ability to absorb dye. Has anyone had experience in this area?

Ha, sorry for such a superficial post! I think that even geeks deserve to feel pretty, too ;)

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