Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Better Half - Guest Post

Hello there! I am Heather from over at My Organized Chaos. I am proud and humbled to be guest hosting for Melissa. I hope you all love reading her blog as much as I do! Other than reading my fair share of blogs, I am a wife, mom to a 15 month old baby girl, teacher, friend, and lover of all things organized. I spend my days teaching high school math, playing with my girl, and loving my husband of almost 11 years. This post is dedicated to him!

We met at college through mutual friends. We were actually friends for several years before beginning to date. Our first dinner together was after he caught an ex-boyfriend admitting to me that he had been cheating on me! We started hanging out more after he told me if I needed to call someone, call him! This was the summer that he graduated and was moving to Richmond, Virginia from OHIO!!! Within 8 months of him leaving we had racked up HUGE phone bills, had flown back and forth to see each other 3 times, and he quit his job to move back since I still had more school left. We got engaged just over a year after beginning to date. We got married 2 years later in a wonderful ceremony with family and friends (a lot less corny than it sounds)!

We have always been eerily on the same page. We “knew” when we got married that kids were probably not in the cards. Neither of us were interested – not that we didn’t like kids; we just didn’t want our own. Fast forward just over 8 years after our wedding and I got the itch. J was on board just after and after a little help, P was on her way! I know it has been said but I have never loved my husband more than seeing him as a dad.

He is the youngest of four children in his own family – all sisters. So he had not had a lot of kid, especially baby, experience. He has jumped in feet first and really grown with me and P. He is a great father and takes wonderful care of both of us. He loves he role and does so much for her. He has allowed me to stay involved in much of what I was pre-pregnancy. This includes an overnight trip with my school’s basketball team when she was only 9 months old. He was initially terrified a little nervous about being alone with her for 48 hours. He not only survived – he did a fantastic job. I missed them both more than I ever thought I could. He is a really involved dad – giving baths, changing diapers, feeding her, playing games, and being silly.

I tried to make his first father’s day as great as I could – even with a 3 month old. I decorated a cooler cup with father’s day scrapbook paper and pictures of the two of them. He is still using it, with the original pictures, to this day. I have a neat little something for him this year AND will be getting him a massage. He deserves so much more and I will write a nice card from both P and I. I hope that I show him every day how special he is. I know that I can do better with this, and try everyday to do so.

How do you show your SO how special they are to you?

Thanks for sharing, Heather! Love the snuggly sleepy baby photo. Visit Heather over at My Organized Chaos.
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