Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sense of dignity? Gone (TMI)

*Gross pregnancy alert; can't say I didn't warn you*

It was an otherwise lovely day at the Renaissance Faire a couple weeks ago, that is...until I sneezed.

I knew it wasn't going to be good. For a split second I lost control of those rather important muscles responsible for holding it in. I panicked, as I felt a little trickle of pee start traveling down my leg. I cursed myself for wearing a dress, and then made haste for the bathroom. Fortunately, it was only about 100 yards away.

Mike couldn't stop laughing at me as he just stared in utter disbelief that not only did I piss myself, but it was dripping and you could actually see it, clear as day. Remind me to never go out in public again?


It was an otherwise hilarious evening playing a board game with Mike's family last weekend, that is...until I laughed uncontrollably.

It just...wouldn't...stop. I'm pretty sure I peed through both my underwear and skirt. I'm hoping the couch was spared, but in all honesty I couldn't bring myself to investigate.

And I didn't tell anyone, including Mike. But oh, he'll know now! Sorry, babe.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. Methinks that Momma needs to work on her kegels...

Seriously, Mommy?

This is definitely one of those blog posts where I proofread and ask myself why on earth did I just share that with the internet? At least it will be nice to return to someday and laugh at myself, heartily.

SPILL IT. Who else is no stranger to the sniss?

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