Friday, June 22, 2012

A peek into our dining room! err...sort of...

This week I'm "showing off" our dining room, as part of our home tour.

I of course use the term showing off loosely, as there isn't much to show. Our dining room currently houses our kitchen table, media stands, and tons of Carina's toys. It's open to our living room, so we just let her commandeer the majority part of it as her playroom. Most days? There are toys strewn about the floor and it is much more playroom than dining room ;)

Looking in from the living room
Toys & windows
Play corner #1
Play corner #2
My favorite part of the dining room: our built-in china and stemware cabinet
Villanova tapestry - any fellow alums out there?
For now, in our small apartment, the dining room is really the most centrally located place. It opens up into the living room, kitchen, and even Carina's nursery. As a result it ends up being the dumping ground for mail, toys...just about anything and everything. I can't wait to have a house someday so we can have a real formal dining room ;)

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