Monday, July 2, 2012

28 week bumpdate!

How far along? 28 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 132 lbs. Up 2 lbs. from last week for a total of 14 lbs. At 28 weeks with Carina I was already up by 20 lbs!

Feeling: Still really tired in general. Even a short walk down the block can render me winded...

Maternity clothes? I'm wearing a dress almost every day now. When it's in the high 80's or 90's I would rather poke my eyes out than try to squeeze into jeans.

Sleep: I think we need to invest in some room darkening shades for Carina, because her waking up before 6 AM every morning is not meshing well with my need to sleep {much} longer than that.

Food cravings: Pizza. I could probably eat it every day right now.

Movement? It is amazing the difference that an anterior placenta can make. With this pregnancy I feel everything. Last time? Sure I felt kicks here and there and some somersaults, but it was nothing like this.

What I miss? Being able to get on the floor and wrestle with Carina.

Best moment this week: Seeing some of my college friends whom I hadn't seen since our wedding 3 years ago. It had been way too long. It's so nice to be back on the East Coast, within driving distance. Oh! And I passed the glucose test with flying colors, which was a very welcome surprise. I failed with Carina and had to take the 3 hour (which I did pass). So glad I didn't have a repeat of that!

What I'm looking forward to: Staying with my sister and Carina's cousins in Massachusetts this weekend! Since we saw them in Cape Cod last month Carina has been asking for her cousins non-stop, so we're going to have a weekend long play date. Yep, we've been doing a lot of traveling lately. Trying to get it in before the baby arrives, since we won't be quite as mobile then ;)

Next Appointment: next OB appointment on July 11th at 29.5 weeks.

Milestones: Baby has begun having REM, and can now blink.

At 28 weeks with Carina. It's really amazing how some weeks there seem to be big differences in the size of my belly, but other weeks not so much. This week I feel like I look significantly bigger this time around.

Have you posted a bumpdate and/or a monthly/periodic baby update recently? Link up your post(s)! I am eager to stalk your pregnancy progress and cute babies. I'll have this linky as part of my bumpdates about once a month.

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