Thursday, July 12, 2012

More embarrassing things from my closet

Do you have a prized possession? Maybe some jewelry or a family heirloom? I have a few, and I must confess that most are embarrassing.

First, there's my ratty old security blanket, then there's my American Girl dolls (yep - you read that correctly: I have DOLLS - plural), and lastly? My Calico Critters. You've probably never heard of them. I was rather obsessed with an almost identical collection of little flocked animals called Maple Town when I was young, so when I discovered back in college that the company started making them again, I did what any normal 21 year old would do:

Go out and spend hundreds of dollars on teeny tiny animals, their miniature furniture, and of course, lodging to contain it all.


Come on, could you say "No" to these cute little beady-eyed faces?


Okay, well...I think you've realized by now that you're probably a lot cooler than me. 

Anyway, I dug the little house out of my closet the other day and hand picked a few of the items that were big enough for Carina to play with (read: she wouldn't try to eat them). I handed her a family of gray cats, some beds, chairs, and miscellaneous other pieces of furniture, and watched {in amazement} as she didn't attempt to break or bang said items, or shove an unsuspecting tabby kitty in her diaper.

My collection of critters
There used to be more, but I sold a bunch right before Carina was born. Most of the ones I sold (on eBay) were either ugly (green frogs with giant scary googly eyes that I got for free with a rebate) or were bought for me by my ex-boyfriend, and I could sell them for twice what they cost. I'm not kidding there is a market for these things; I think I made $600.

Trying to send kitty through the window?!?
So far, the house, or "house! house! house!" as she likes to call it, has occupied her for hours upon hours. Score one for college-age dorky Mama G and the things she spent her money on.

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