Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teach your kids to love themselves by your example

I've alluded to the fact that I didn't have the best self-esteem while growing up {or even lately} a couple times now. I am trying to be conscious, however, of how I often I talk about this in front of Carina. While sure, I can be honest with all of you here and never worry whether it will have consequences, it's not quite the same when you have an impressionable tiny person running around.

She has already started to pick up on things we say, repeating almost everything she can. {Note to Mike: please stop cursing, as I don't think your Mother appreciated hearing Carina saying, "oh shit!" when she fell down at your family's home last weekend.} If she were to see me looking in the mirror and complaining about the way I look, or lamenting out loud how I don't feel pretty anymore, she may begin to think that that is normal and accepted behavior. That she should look in the mirror and find fault, rather than feel good about herself.

For her sake, so as not to bruise or confuse her developing sense of self-esteem, I need to get over these issues I have with my appearance. I'm never going to look the way I did at 21 - with perfect hair and skin (and the time to keep them that way!) My mission for the immediate future: to accept myself and the way I look, and not nitpick over imperfections that probably no one other than myself even notices.

Want to join me? Pay attention to how often you pick yourself apart or self-deprecate when it comes to your appearance, or even in general. Hopefully, loving ourselves will teach our children to love themselves, in turn.

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