Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will she want to wear pants to her wedding, too? ;)

When I was young, I was a tomboy. I wore the same red baseball cap every day for years and refused to wear skirts or dresses. Not kidding, I even joked with family and friends that I would wear pants to my wedding someday. Playing with bugs was one of my favorite pastimes and in general I spent most of my time outside whenever possible.

I've changed quite a bit since then. While still fascinated by bugs (my favorite college course was Entomology), I would rather not touch them. Skirts and dresses are now my favorite things to wear and I bet you can guess that there were no pants at our wedding. Wait...there were, just not on me ;)

Observing Carina's budding personality has been almost like a flashback for me. I see so much of myself in her. She wants to explore everything: from rocks to sticks to leaves to insects. She would rather poke and prod at dirt - and sometimes eat it, too - than play with dolls. She much prefers to be outside and trying to get her to come in has become a challenge!

Her new favorite thing to do? Climb. On everything. Up and down the stairs at the playground over and over again...Momma can't keep up with her anymore.

The one problem this has led to? Skinned knees. Almost every time we go to the park she either falls down or scrapes her knees on something. The folks at KneeBees sent us some pink knee pads and they have been the perfect way to keep her skinned knee-free. Most of the time they just look like little leggings underneath her skirts or dresses, but unlike leggings, they are thick enough to not rip or fray when she falls. Sure, they might be a little geeky looking, but would you expect anything less from me? ;)

Wearing her KneeBees
Thanks to KneeBees for letting Carina run and climb to her heart's content without worrying about booboos. Oh man, did I really just type "booboos"? ::shakes head at self:: I've gone soft.

Were you a tomboy growing up? And/or are your girls turning out that way?

I received the item(s) mentioned above free of charge for reviewing purposes. All opinions are honest, and my own. 
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