Sunday, August 19, 2012

35 weeks down, just 35 days to go!

I just realized that with all of our vacation excitement, I neglected to take a bump pic or post a 34 week update. Oh well.
35 weeks, pregnant belly, big pregnant belly

How far along? 35 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 142 lbs. When I got back from vacation I had gained 8, but now have somehow lost 2 despite eating almost an entire Funfetti cake last night and today. Up 24 lbs. total.

Feeling: HUGE. I am so slow moving and generally feel like I am carrying a bowling ball in my stomach on a daily basis. But? I'm happy and getting really excited to meet Aurelia. The nesting has begun...

Maternity clothes? I have outgrown most of my tops so I am living in my dresses from Seraphine Maternity (like the one above). They just came out with their Fall Collection and many of the styles make me {almost} wish I'd still be pregnant when it gets colder out! You can get 25% off of your order with code GGU25.

Sleep: My parents took Carina overnight last night so Mike and I slept for 9 straight hours and let me tell you it was amazing. The last time I slept that long was definitely pre-baby.

Food cravings: Funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting. I satisfied that craving last night ;)

Movement? Lots of somersaults and swift kicks to my cervix lately.

What I miss? Not getting up to pee in the middle of the night. Lately it has been twice or three times. Sometimes I feel like I live in the bathroom.

Best moment this week:  Having a nice dinner out with Mike while my parents watched Carina. Somehow, though, we found ourselves talking about her the whole time!

What I'm looking forward to: More nesting. It began today with buying some fun things for Carina and storage units for her toys. It will continue this week with more organizing and cleaning. It makes me FEEL SO GOOD.

Next Appointment: Thursday, August 23rd at 35.5 weeks. Exactly one month from my due date...eek!

Milestones: Baby is packing on an extra layer of fat this week. I probably am, too ;)

For comparison's sake, my 35 week belly with Carina.

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