Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to talk to a pregnant woman - Guest Post

Hi I'm Natalie from Growing Up a NJ Wife.  I am wife to The Mister and mom extraordinaire to Elisabeth.  I'm a certified domestic failure, daytime corporate America worker, part time photography enthusiast, and full time mom.  It's a busy life.  You can find a ton of pictures on my blog, the occasional recipe, and fun stuff to do with a toddler.  

Today for my guest post on Growing Up Geeky I'm going to teach everyone a very important lesson. 
How to talk to a pregnant woman.

Let's take one of our favorite pregnant ladies; Melissa from Growing Up Geeky.  She is going to have a run in with the resident jackass that we'll refer to as jackass man.  You know you've met him.  He's the guy at your office you want to smack, the random rude man at the store, or your super annoying brother in law.

Notice how Jackass Man comments on her size.  WRONG!
Correct Answer
WRONG!  There is NEVER any acceptable reason to ever ask a woman if she is having twins.  Trust me if she's having twins she would have told you or you would have heard about it.  
WRONG!  If you don't have a uterus you are not permitted to comment on due dates.  When you grow an entire person you sometimes get large.  
WRONG!  If you make the mistake of asking about twins do NOT under any circumstance ask if she's sure.  Trust me if there were two babies in there she would know.
Feel free to change out great with other adjectives such as fabulous or beautiful!

Mama G says Amen. Thanks for the reminder to everyone, Natalie!
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