Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Judge Away: My pregnancy confessions

I'd like to preface many of these confessions with the fact that I know they may be bad, unhealthy, pathetic, TMI, or any combination of the above. But? I just don't care! :P

Since this blog {first and foremost} is my pregnancy journal and baby book, I'd like for my future self to be able to look back and see truth. Even if it's ugly and embarrassing ;)

  • Exercise - I haven't exercised since a month before I got pregnant...with Carina. Unless of course you count lifting her up off the table (her new favorite place to climb) over and over again, or chasing/following her around at the playground
  • Food - I consider it to be a good day if I only have 2 of the following: ice cream, Nutella, cookies, Funfetti cake, Funfetti cake w/a side of frosting, frosting straight out of the can, french fries, one of these deep fried bad boys, Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza
  • Shaving - I'm lucky if I shave my legs once every 2 weeks. I would blame the fact that I can barely reach them, except the frequency with which I've done it wasn't any different back towards the beginning of my pregnancy...
  • Sex - I had to verify with Mike that it's been about once a month since we found out I was pregnant and he quickly refuted that, stating with certainty that it has been about 5 times...total. Sorry, babe #wifefail :(
  • Cleaning - I've been keeping up with the laundry and the dishes - for the most part - but other than that? I couldn't tell you when I last vacuumed, scrubbed out the tub, or cleaned ANYTHING ELSE in this entire place. Last week Carina picked up a dust bunny and said "eww gross!" ::shakes head at self::
  • Wine - I've had a small glass of wine here and there throughout this pregnancy. I never ever did with Carina. I blame my Mother-in-law; she's always pushing it at me ;)
  • Bare belleh pics - I know they creep a lot of people out, but I love them. I see my {clothed} bump all the time, but bare? Only for a few minutes a day while showering and changing. I like to think that someday I'll want to look back and remember what the circus freak hugeness looked like when it wasn't covered up. So here's a couple more - enjoy. Taken at 36 weeks.
Pregnant bare belly, 36 weeks belly
Belly 36 weeks pregnant, bare belly pregnant
Ah-ha! The linea nigra has returned!

Now you! Can you confess to any of the above as well? Or something else as equally awful while pregnant? ;)

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