Monday, September 3, 2012

Mommy of 1, but not for much longer (and the guilt sets in) - Toddle Along Tuesday

For the last 20 Months, it has been just me and my girl all day long most days.

We do {and have done} everything together: play, snuggle, read, go for walks, eat, run errands, watch her favorite show, and until just a few months ago, we even took baths together ;)

A look back at her & me...

Today, tomorrow, next week or in three weeks (hopefully not longer!) that will all change. It will be me and my girls. Plural.

Getting to know Carina one-on-one for so long makes me feel a little guilty that:
1. I won't have the same sort of opportunity with Aurelia. We will definitely have time for just the two of us - as I'm sure we have plenty a 4 AM feed to look forward to - but on the whole, from the moment she is born my attention will be divided.
2. The just Mommy and Carina time (which is all she has ever known) will become more few and far between instead of her normal.

Oh crap. Now I'm crying. Must we be plagued to suffer from Mommy guilt for everything? ;)

Those of you with more than one child, did you ever feel like this? Please tell me {at least some of the guilt} goes away... 

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday co-host is Chelsey from The Halbert Homestead and the topic is Mommy & Me! Show off some cute photos of you and your little one, and/or write about your relationship! There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.

Next week's topic is Unconventional Toys! What non-toy items does your little one enjoy playing with? 

If you like advance notice for TAT, check out the bottom right of my blog - topics for the next couple months are listed. Would you like to submit a topic idea and/or volunteer to co-host one week? E-mail me!

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