Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dear Diary - a glimpse into my 6-year-old mind

Just a few days shy of my 6th birthday, I received an American Girls diary for Christmas. I was so excited to have a private place in which to record my thoughts and wrote in it faithfully...

My diary - 23 years later
...for all of about a week. I lost interest. Maybe my 6-year-old self just didn't have much to say? Here's my first entry, written on January 1st, 1990.

I think "thinge" is supposed to be "thingy". I had awesome handwriting back then, didn't I?
Since I could never get in the habit of writing consistently, I just put it in my closet and forgot about it. Until I randomly found it again. Then I would find the correct day, write, and stow it away all over again. A number of years later I began writing in the actual year with each entry, since I realized the diary was beginning to span a handful of years.

A couple {awesomely bad} entries from Middle School
.My 16-year-old self was super cool, going to the *NSYNC concert
About to graduate from college!
I remember finding the diary while I was packing up to move
Just a few months later ;)
Awww <3
My most recent entry
I found the diary while experiencing a bout of crazy intense nesting in which I tore through some of the remaining boxes from the move that we had yet to unpack. I instantly stopped, sat down, and read through every page.

It's funny; I can almost remember the excitement, happiness, and even uncertainty with which I wrote a number of the entries. Like the one about suspecting that Mike was going to propose? After reading those few short sentences today, almost 5 years later, I can recall the way I felt while writing them so clearly...

Moments like this are what inspire me to blog. My hope is that my 50-year-old self will be able to read this blog someday not only to laugh at the ridiculousness and cry at the photos and memories of tiny babies then grown, but mostly to remember the emotions I experienced, once upon a time.

Did you have a diary or a journal when you were young? And/or do you write down your thoughts anywhere at this time in your life?

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